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LeaguePad - Sports league management software

LeaguePad is a league management software designed to track and analyse soccer / football leagues. The program can also be customized to track leagues of other sports. For each league created and updated by the user, LeaguePad can generate statistics at the league level, and also on each team, player and referee. All statistics are generated by the program based on user input. The more data you enter, the more statistics LeaguePad will be able to create.

All the data related to a league is self-contained within a single league file. A league file is designed to store the data of a single season. The statistics generated by the program can only be displayed for one league file at a time, so the program is not designed to track statistics than span multiple seasons. The data stored in the league files includes information about all matches, teams, players, and referees associated with that league, as well as configuration settings about the league itself (for example: the number of points to allocate for a win, whether or not the league is part of league group, etc.).

Note: At the end of the season, you will need to create a new league file for the following season (the team and player information from the previous season's league file can be imported into the new season's league file). However the team and player statistics for a season cannot be imported into a new league file.

Please note that LeaguePad has been designed to work on Windows 2000 or Windows XP. The program may not install or work properly in other versions of Windows. This website is maintained so that existing LeaguePad users can continue to access the installation file in case their file has been misplaced.

If you are a registered LeaguePad user, you may use the links below in case you need to download and re-install the program. Your personal license key is required to unlock the program. If you are not a registered LeaguePad user, please do NOT use these links.
  - LeaguePad 4.53 Coach Edition (for Windows XP/2000)
  - LeaguePad Standard/Webmaster update to 4.53 (for Windows XP/2000) - to install over your existing LeaguePad installation

Registered users may submit support requests using the support form, and the author will reply to the best of his ability. This contact form is only for registered users. Please do not use this form for other inquiries. If there are more news, it will be posted on this page.